Friday, November 12, 2010

Pentax ist* DS disassembling, part 2 of 2

Ok.. now, when the top cover is removed, we are about to clean the contacts of the shutter.

Use some cotton swabs slightly wet of pure alcohol 180 proof or 90 % and remove the dust and
dirt developed over the time of frequent use.

Do not forget to clean the other part of the contact. Be gentle, since the metal part is very soft and easy to damage

Now... the more difficult part is to remove the dial button. Even though I was not able to fix it as I expected, I released one screw shown bellow, and with gentle move I released the little ball which is part of the dial button. This ball makes the dial button click on every step. It was an coincident, but guess what, now my camera doesnt skip the value of shutter/apperture when using this dial button. :)

I have tried to remove also the bottom cover of the camera, but to access the dial button is very difficult and take more time, patience and skills.

Now.. go backwards step by step and put all the parts where they belong to. Make sure you don't have any screws left :)

Thanks for watching.


  1. Where did this ball come from, and did you end up putting it back? I am having this problem with the dial on my Pentax K100D and was wondering if there was anything I could do to fix it. Thanks for posting! Glen

  2. Hello, It's me again. I actually got my e-dial working. I found this link ( ), which had a link to this thread ( ), which in the 1st reply said to use contact cleaner on the switch. I opened up my Pentax K100D as per your pictures and actually removed the plastic dial to gain access to the rotary dial below. I hit it with contact cleaner and moved it around (after taking the batteries out). Left it to dry and a couple of hours later put the batteries back in and tried it out. It's the difference between night and day. Just thought I'd post if someone was having the same problem and found this page, like I did. Thanks again for posting! Glen

  3. the little ball dropped out when I fliped the camera upside down. Its located somewehere under that plastic rim of the dial button, secured by metal string...I am not saying its the right way to fix it but to show what made my camera to work again.. :-)
    .Hey...thanks for the contribution.

  4. On my K100D, I was able to move the top LCD out of the way by removing the 2 screws on the right side of the LCD and loosening the 1 screw on the left side of the LCD. I then was able to move the LCD out of the way. Then I was able to lift the plastic dial out of the way. The little ball was resting on a post right beside the rotary dial underneath the plastic dial. I lifted the little ball out so I wouldn't lose it. I then put the contact cleaner right into the middle of the rotary dial. (Batteries removed so as not to cause a short circuit). I then put the little ball back on to the post. Put the plastic wheel back in place and then secured the top LCD back in place. Then I kept moving the dial back and forth for about 5 minutes. Then closed up the camera. BTW -- I like your site. It came in handy to me, especially with the pictures. Keep it coming! Glen

  5. nice...

    apparently, K100 and istDS are differently constructed, so thats why I was not able to find any other screws to remove. Anyway, ..if you have any photos that can be published regarding that dial button, I will be glad to present them to the other readers.

  6. Really very helpful Post. A step by Step Guide. Very useful. Thanks.

  7. That control wheel on the upper rear of my Pentax *istDS was balky; sometimes it would do nothing; other times it would actually function backwards when being turned forwards. I took off the top cover, and once I removed the screw holding the right side of the LCD panel as described, I was able to lift it enough to lift that control wheel so that I could put the squirt tube from a can of DeOxit® contact cleaner in there. I could see the white plastic of the internal contact mechanism, and gave it a very light squirt. Actually I took the little squirt tube into my mouth, sucked up some of the DeOxit® which I had sprayed into a small bowl, and used my breath to deposit just a little of the DeOxit® onto that while plastic contact mechanism (using the squirt can probably would have deposited way too much). Then I ran the control wheel back and forth a few rotations. That fixed the operation of the dial.

  8. As a service to everyone who is here looking to service their Pentax *istDS, here is a link to a download of the SERVICE MANUAL in .pdf format. The file is PASSWORD PROTECTED but the password is included in the file name.

    Note that unless you are a paid member of Mediafire, you WILL get one or more pop ups when you attempt to download. Just close them.

    This is one .pdf file of just over 5mb.


  9. Just did this myself and it worked. Thanks for the photos. The link above to the manual is invaluable. To get to the second screw that holds the LCD screen in place you need to remove a ribbon wire, the only way to do this is to remove the back. To remove the back you need to remove the bottom, front and top! Its not hard just a little fiddly. Be careful when removing the back to not break the SD card door open sensor which is a spring loaded black button behind a silver holder in the top right of the rear PCB. If you do break it, then make sure that it is pushed in permanently (a bit of blu-tack works well) and this will ensure the camera starts properly. If you notice the camera starts and then turns off a second later, this is the problem.